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The Main Clinic
The Showers Clinic, so recently only a dream, is now a functioning reality.
A beacon of hope to the Ugandan people, the Showers Foundation Health Center is in operation.

They gather seeking medical care never before available in these areas of Uganda. The attractively painted bulding offers that care . . . and delivers.

The professional staff gathers the critical information needed to insure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Modern equipment and facilities available to the professional staff insures the finest in care.

Attention to detain insures a hygenic environment is maintained for the patients.

Facilities, equipment and staff are only as good as the results. Say hello to The Showers Foundation Health Center's first new arrival, a baby boy that has been named David in honor of the initial patron of the Health Center.

Obviously much has been accomplished, but there is still much to be done. Your help is needed to insure the continued success of these efforts.

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